desk for small space

DIY Folding Desk For Small Spaces

We are Joel and Rachel, and we live in a converted bus so having a foldable desk in our small space was important to us. Our dream is traveling, but we still have work to do, so this was our solution. This DIY folding desk for small spaces was so easy and affordable that we were kicking ourselves for putting it off for as long as we did.

desk for small space

We order the hinges in the color we wanted off of Amazon. We made sure that they could take supporting some weight so they would not collapse while being used. Over the past 8 months, we have not had any issues with the Folding Shelf Brackets.

DIY Folding Desk For Small Spaces

We picked up a 20 in x 48 in unfinished pine board from Lowes. Then we stained it to match the other wood we have in our converted bus. These boards almost make us feel like we are cheating because they look like an unfinished tabletop, but we didn’t have to do any grueling work.

DIY Folding Desk For Small Spaces

After it dried we screwed everything together and voila! It was the easiest project we have done on our bus yet. 

We added a folding chair from Ikea, and now we have to fight our cat for access to the desk. It is one of his favorite places to bird-watch. 

DIY Folding Desk For Small Spaces

This whole project DIY folding desk for small spaces was under $100!

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